QuickCoast Web Design Scope Web Design Client QuickCoast Year 2022 Experience the Great Barrier Reef: QuickCoast by Myroo Adventures offers scheduled and private adventure charters within The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and Island National Parks. With a capacity of 80 day passengers, QuickCoast is the premier affordable private charter departing from Cairns or Palm […]


Resonate Branding | Web Design | Privacy Crypto Payments | Private & Secure Systems Scope Branding Web Design Privacy Crypto Payments Private & Secure Systems Client Resonate Year 2022 Transition to a Not-for-profit, Foundation, Private Members Association or Ministry. Resonate Foundation is a Not For Profit, Private Members Association created to end mental, physical and […]

Body Temple By Morgan

Body Temple By Morgan Web Design | Private & Secure Systems Scope Web Design Privacy & Secure Systems Client Body Temple By Morgan Year 2022 Helping women build self-confidence, optimal wellness & vitality: Morgan experienced Women’s Health & Fitness Coach, Doctor of Osteopathy, Photographer, & Pro WBFF Bikini Athlete based in Sydney, Australia. Morgan’s work […]

Sol Alkhemi

Sol Alkhemi Branding | Web Design | Privacy Crypto Payments Scope Branding Web Design Privacy Crypto Payments Privacy & Secure Systems Client Sol Alkhemi Year 2021 It all starts with you: Sol Alkhemi is a not for profit association dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to realise their true potential, live in alignment with natural […]


Tsokolate Branding | Packaging Design Scope Branding Packaging Design Client Sol Alkhemi Year 2021 CEREMONIAL CACAO WITH EASY DOSING. Tsokolate is a brand of organic, artisan ceremonial cacao from Sol Alkhemi. Revered by the ancients as “food of the gods”, cacao has been a sacred plant medicine & wise teacher for thousands of years. Tsokolate, […]

Thoughtful Food Co

Thoughtful Food Co. Branding Scope Branding Client Thoughtful Food Co Year 2021 Nourishing comfort food, like a delicious warm hug: Amanda is a talented creator and cook, catering for retreats and events in northern NSW. Her food has often been described as nourishing and comforting like a warm hug in tasty food form. The Mission. […]

Fonts Matter: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Font For Your Brand

When it’s comes to branding and design, choosing the right font can seem like a trivial decision, but one seemingly small and insignificant choice could change the entire meaning of what you’re communicating. Whether you’re designing something yourself or reviewing work submitted by a graphic designer, there are some key considerations to make when deciding […]

Become A Producer Instead Of A Consumer

Once could argue that to some extent, every single one of us can be classified as a consumer. After all, we consume everything from food to information and entertainment. However in this blog post, I want to focus specifically on the Consumer Mindset VS. The Producer Mindset. It’s increasingly apparent and palpable that we live […]

What Is Open-Source & Why Is It Better For Your Business?

What is Open-Source? At Cosmic Creative Studio, we work exclusively with open-source systems and software, but what is open-source & why is it better for your business? When a program is open-source, its source code is made available and accessible to its users. “Source code” is the part of software that programmers can manipulate to […]

5 Tips For Launching Your Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to share valuable knowledge and experience with your audience. In terms of content creation, it’s a great value proposition because you can promote your brand whilst providing educational information and meaningful content to your community. There’s quite a few things involved in launching a podcast so if you don’t know […]