Pureheart Alchemy

Pureheart Alchemy Photography | Graphic Design | Private & Secure systems Scope Photography Graphic Design Private & Secure systems Client Pureheart Alchemy Year 2021 Capturing the grand design of Divinity~in~Nature: Pureheart Alchemy continues the Shamanic practice of bottling the energetic healing essence of the great teacher plants of the ages.Pureheart Alchemy strives for excellence, to […]

Heartbeets Health

Heartbeets Health Branding | Packaging Design | Photography | Private & Secure Systems Scope Branding Packaging Design Photography Private & Secure Systems Client Heartbeets Health Year 2021 Deliciously healthy vegan food & cleanses: Heartbeets Health specialises in helping people achieve ultimate health & well-being through deliciously nourishing food and supportive cleansing practices. Founded by Marianna […]

Rachel Gross

Rachel Gross Photography Scope Photography Client Rachel Gross Year 2020 Vedic Meditation: Rachel is a Vedic Meditation Teacher based in Pittsburgh with students from all over the world. The Mission. Rachel came to us for some photos to use on her website while she was in town. We conducted a 2 hour shoot with her […]

Become A Producer Instead Of A Consumer

Once could argue that to some extent, every single one of us can be classified as a consumer. After all, we consume everything from food to information and entertainment. However in this blog post, I want to focus specifically on the Consumer Mindset VS. The Producer Mindset. It’s increasingly apparent and palpable that we live […]

What Is Open-Source & Why Is It Better For Your Business?

What is Open-Source? At Cosmic Creative Studio, we work exclusively with open-source systems and software, but what is open-source & why is it better for your business? When a program is open-source, its source code is made available and accessible to its users. “Source code” is the part of software that programmers can manipulate to […]

5 Tips For Launching Your Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to share valuable knowledge and experience with your audience. In terms of content creation, it’s a great value proposition because you can promote your brand whilst providing educational information and meaningful content to your community. There’s quite a few things involved in launching a podcast so if you don’t know […]