Become A Producer Instead Of A Consumer


Once could argue that to some extent, every single one of us can be classified as a consumer. After all, we consume everything from food to information and entertainment. However in this blog post, I want to focus specifically on the Consumer Mindset VS. The Producer Mindset.

It’s increasingly apparent and palpable that we live in somewhat of a “throw-away” society. For most people, it’s the norm to update to the latest electronic device as soon as it comes out, or to refresh your wardrobe every season and even knowingly purchase products that you can easily throw away and replace.

This consumer mindset has of course been encouraged and nurtured by businesses that profit from selling the next thing we can consume. But is this something that is contributing to the greater good? I think most of us could agree that there’s a lot of ways we can improve our impact on one another and our planet through simply shifting from a Consumer Mindset to a Producer Mindset.

So what exactly is a Consumer Mindset?

Put simply, it’s having the mindset of never being able to get enough. It’s always wanting more and working to satisfy that relentless appetite.

Many of us get stuck in a Consumer Mindset out of fear. We don’t want to risk failure or rejection, so it’s easier to become a cog in the machine, work at your job and buy things to help you feel happy and secure, even if that means going into debt and spending more than what you earn. If you examine society at large, this is how most people live and part of how the economy is designed to function.

What is a Producer Mindset?

Those with a Producer’s Mindset on the other hand, strive to create value for others and and focus more on meaningful contribution over consumption & gain.

They are the creators, innovators and mould breakers who aren’t afraid to risk failure and rejection in order to birth something meaningful and helpful to others into the world. Rather than being content with being a cog in the machine, they find ways to build a better machine that benefits more people and runs more efficiently.

How to make the shift

Whilst we will all continue to consume something to some degree, after all we need to learn, grow and evolve in every sense, we can make the mindset shift in understanding that consumption is not the be all and end all of our lives.

You can start to make the shift from simply beginning to view the world with a Producer Mindset instead of a Consumer Mindset. This doesn’t mean you have to invent the next revolutionary electronic device or find the cure to heal all disease, but it does mean shifting from consuming to contribution.

Instead of asking yourself what can I buy that will make me happy? You can ask yourself what can I contribute to others to add real value?

Instead on focusing on better off and furthering only your own interests, you can focus on working with others, strengthening relationships and building community.

This can look like growing your own herbs and sharing them with family and friends, to contributing your skills and passions through a blog or even curating playlists of your favourite music and sharing it online. It’s as simple as asking yourself “What’s my jam?” and sharing that goodness in whatever way you can.

It all starts with you

All meaningful change starts with making a simple decision and taking action. Examine your interests, hobbies and talents and see what simple and accessible things you can do to provide value for others and start there. If every single one of us make this simple mindset shift, the world would change for the better in an instant. So what are you waiting for? How will you start to make the shift from consumer to producer today?

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