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Cosmic Creative Studio is a boutique agency that specialises in creative services for people and businesses who want to succeed by making a positive difference in our world. What really sets us apart is our focus on providing our clients with beautiful digital assets built on truly private & secure systems. It’s important for us to live our values because doing so is one of the best ways we can contribute to our community. We go to great lengths to keep your data private and secure and teach you how to do the same. We like to really get to know our clients so that we can support them in achieving their mission. We help you engage your audience in meaningful and effective ways so that you have more time to focus on what you do best. We’ve worked in and with businesses for the last 13 years. From large international organizations, to sole traders, we have honed our skills and offer a comprehensive suite of creative business services for the new age.
Values that lead us

Cosmic Creative Studio is part of the Sol Alkhemi Foundation. We are guided by the same foundational values and they underpin everything we do. Sol Alkhemi is a not for profit community service organisation. All profits from Cosmic Creative Studio are used to fund community projects.



We commit to researching widely and thinking critically in order to stand for and embody truth in all our thoughts, words and actions. We encourage and support others in their search for truth and will never censor information.



We commit to living with compassion for ourselves and others. This means always seeking to understand instead of judge and choosing to reflect the love and light within everyone without discrimination.



We commit to living free and to making sure that all of our thoughts, words and actions contribute towards the freedom of all beings. We value our privacy and respect yours by making sure we utilise platforms that protect privacy as a priority. We will never share your information without your consent and only ever collect what is necessary with your explicit permission.



We commit to working with others towards a shared goal. We believe that the more people putting their energy and time into a project, the better the overall result. For this reason, we support open-source programs and ensure that everything we create is always as accessible to everyone as possible.

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