Rachel Gross




Rachel Gross



Vedic Meditation:

Rachel is a Vedic Meditation Teacher based in Pittsburgh with students from all over the world.

The Mission.

Rachel came to us for some photos to use on her website while she was in town. We conducted a 2 hour shoot with her so that we could capture some beautiful portraits.

The Look & Feel.

We worked quickly to shoot and edit portraits for Rachel, focusing on capturing her natural radiance and tranquillity.

One of the most important elements of Cosmic Creative Studio shoots is making our clients comfortable enough so that their essence becomes visible through the images that we take.

We worked with a vibrant and bohemian aesthetic to reflect Rachael’s natural beauty and the freedom and ease that comes with meditation.

Client Feedback.

Working with Cosmic Creative Studio was an absolute joy…especially considering it was so last minute! I need some photos on the fly, and CCS swooped in and made it happen. The shoot felt really natural, from start to finish, and everything about the experience was comfortable and fun. 

I felt super at ease, which really came through in the photos, and I was blown away to see the final product! Who knew that laughter was the key to beautiful photos?! CCS. That’s who. And not only did they bring the comic relief, but the turnaround was impressively quick, the final edits were stunning, and all of our interactions were friendly and professional.

I look forward to co-creating with Cosmic Creative Studio on future projects, and I highly recommend them to any purpose-driven biz looking for support in the creative realm.

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