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Capturing the grand design of Divinity~in~Nature:

Pureheart Alchemy continues the Shamanic practice of bottling the energetic healing essence of the great teacher plants of the ages.
Pureheart Alchemy strives for excellence, to create the most beautiful and harmonious vehicles for experiencing the wisdom of the plants, with the lightest footprint possible on Mother Earth. 
From ‘Seed to Scent’, they lovingly grow their flower essence plants in their own garden, and each batch of Pureheart Alchemy creations are hand-crafted with care.

The Mission.

We worked with Pureheart Alchemy to create a series of ritual guides to accompany their mysts and essences. These ritual guides are aligned with the chakras and serve as a handbook for customers, offering practices and rituals that assist them in balancing and activating their chakras with the aid of Pureheart Alchemy’s mysts and essences.

In addition to designing the guides, writing the copy and taking the product photos used therein, we also assisted them in creating processes and procedures that would aid them in streamlining their business operations.

We helped to secure their data by handling the migration of their mail servers to Protonmail so their emails could be protected by end-to-end encrypted. Most recently, we assisted Pureheart Alchemy in migrating their domain hosting.

The Look & Feel.

Pureheart Alchemy has a very unique spirit and aesthetic, guided by co-founder Izabella Floret. This means that we worked very closely with her to ensure that all our designs were aligned with Izabella’s strong and clear vision.

The look and feel is vibrant and colourful yet sophisticated, reflecting the natural beauty of the botanical components of their products.

Client Feedback.

Cosmic Creative Studio is a dream to work with. Combining a highly professional approach with a super organized skillset and a wide array of creative talent.

They completed all our tasks with speed and accuracy and were extremely fluid with any changes that we needed. We felt totally supported in our vision and their brand expertise and competency of skills gave us confidence to leave them to complete tasks so we could focus on other areas.

We would highly recommend Cosmic Creative Studio for anyone needing assistance to expand and upgrade their brand or business in an effortless manner.

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