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Tsokolate is a brand of organic, artisan ceremonial cacao from Sol Alkhemi.

Revered by the ancients as “food of the gods”, cacao has been a sacred plant medicine & wise teacher for thousands of years.

Tsokolate, pronounced cho-ko-lat-eh, is a traditional Filipino hot chocolate drink made by mixing tableya & water. Tableya are chocolate tablets formed from stone ground, whole cacao beans.

The result is a rich, full bodied ceremonial grade drinking chocolate that’s like no other.

The Mission.

We worked with Sol Alkhemi to create the branding for their ceremonial grade drinking cacao. All proceeds go directly to the Sol Alkhemi Foundation and are used to fund their charitable projects.

The Tskolate branding was created to match the existing Sol Alkhemi brand, which we also designed, whilst remaining uniquely beautiful in its own right.

Once we finalised the branding, we set about creating sustainable packaging for the product. We also updated our website build for Sol Alkhemi to include E-commerce functionality with the ability to process privacy crypto as payment.

Logo Design.
Lola's Blend Label Design.
Pure Blend Label Design.

The Look & Feel.

Sol Alkhemi’s existing brand features alchemical symbols with a regal palette of gold, navy blue and cream. The feeling of Sol Alkhemi is magick and mystery with a reverence for ancient knowledge and esoteric wisdom.

We created Tsokolate’s branding to match with an added hint of decadence whilst maintaining its hand-made and artisan nature. In keeping with this natural yet luxurious aesthetic, we opted for a muted palette and recycled packaging.

Tsokolate is packed in recycled brown paper bags with a biodegradable and food-grade cornstarch lining. The labels contain metallic accents for an added touch of refinement and decadence. A beautiful little package fitting for it’s ceremonial cacao contents.

Client Feedback.

I wanted the branding of Tsokolate to look and feel really special so that it would reflect the magick and decadence of our ceremonial grade drinking cacao. I am so pleased to see that the end result managed to do just that, whilst keeping it in line with our existing Sol Alkhemi branding.

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