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It all starts with you:

Sol Alkhemi is a not for profit association dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to realise their true potential, live in alignment with natural law and uphold our freedom.

Through the projects of its private association, Sol Alkhemi uses all proceeds from their products and services to pursue a range of charitable purposes and objectives that are aligned with their values. Cosmic Creative Studio is proud to carry out our work as Part of the Sol Alkhemi Foundation.

The Mission.

We worked with Sol Alkhemi to create the branding and web design for their association. The inspiration for their aesthetic was alchemy, magick and ancient wisdom. We used elements that referenced occult knowledge to evoke the wonder of spiritual alchemy.

Once we finalised the branding, we set about creating a website that included e-commerce functionality with the ability to process privacy crypto as payment. We also integrated a learning management system to house all of their online education offerings.

We set up Sol Alkhemi’s business systems to be all based on private and secure alternatives which are censorship resistant and also align with the association’s values of truth and freedom for all beings without discrimination. From their file storage and management systems, operating systems, communications such as video meetings and emails to basic everyday online stools, everything is encrypted, private and secure.

Logo Design.
Responsive Webl Design.
Logo Design.

The Look & Feel.

Sol Alkhemi’s brand mark features an interpretation of various alchemical symbols including the sun and the moon. The wings represent evolution and transmutation, inspired by the goddess isis. The refined palette of gold, navy blue and cream weave all the elements together to create a distinctive and beautiful brand.

The feeling of Sol Alkhemi is magick and mystery with a reverence for ancient knowledge and esoteric wisdom. The typography and colour palette combine to create a sophisticated and timeless look and feel that reflects Sol Alkhemi’s reverence for natural law and the sacred ways.

Client Feedback.

Sol Alkhemi was created to help us empower individuals and communities to realise their true potential, live in alignment with natural law and uphold our freedom so we really wanted our brand and organisation to reflect our values and mission. We are so happy with the end result, we think we have a look and feel that evokes our essence and will stand the test of time. We are also excited that all out business tolls and systems and build on privacy and security and don’t rely on big tech, this way we feel we are really walking our talk and showing our community what is possible

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