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Helping women build self-confidence, optimal wellness & vitality:

Morgan experienced Women’s Health & Fitness Coach, Doctor of Osteopathy, Photographer, & Pro WBFF Bikini Athlete based in Sydney, Australia. Morgan’s work is to help women address and heal from their trauma and setbacks. To help them choose and show up for themselves, evolving from their experience into the most resilient and most vibrant versions of themselves.

The Mission.

We worked with Morgan to create a beautiful and functional website that could showcase the wide range of products and services that she offers through her brand Body Temple By Morgan.

Morgan required functionality that included an online store for both physical and virtual products as well as a booking platform so that the back-end and front-end processes for accessing her services were as streamlined as possible. This functionality was paired with automated email marketing campaigns to help deliver essential information to clients with minimal administration work required from Morgan.

In addition to web design, we also transitioned Morgan’s mail hosting to a provider with end-to-end encryption for increased privacy & security and integrated her various Instagram feeds to the relevant sections of the site.

With the varied nature of her offerings, we worked Morgan to create processes that were as automated and simple to follow for the client as possible.

Web Design.
Responsive Webl Design.
Responsive Web Design.

The Look & Feel.

Body Temple By Morgan features a feminine and sophisticated palette of peach and grey, accented by striking images of Morgan herself as well as her own impressive photographic body of work.

The website utilises negative space used in conjunction with clean lines and pops of colour to weave together a cohesively simple yet compelling look and feel.

We also created bespoke website elements such as pricing tables, product templates, blog templates and website forms to present Morgan’s offerings in a beautiful and easy to access way.

Client Feedback.

Maz redesigned my website and incorporated back end customer automations for a smoother client onboarding experience and to save me time in my business.

She was very professional, clearly listed and explained everything that was needed to get the job done, as well as problem-solving and executing all tasks that were required for my website and customer onboarding in a timely manner.

My website not only looks amazing but is so more functional!

I would highly recommend Maz for any tech, automation, and marketing requirements you might have for your business.

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