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Transition to a Not-for-profit, Foundation, Private Members Association or Ministry.

Resonate Foundation is a Not For Profit, Private Members Association created to end mental, physical and sexual abuse experienced in the public sector, that leads to helplessness and premature death.

Through simple supportive education, services and life changing retreats, they empower their members to find their passion and create meaningful legacies that aid humanitarian and environmental projects for ethical systems and a better future.

The Mission.

We worked with Resonate to create their branding, web presence and workflow automation, with the focus on moving away from big tech which compromised their own and their clients data to private and secure business systems.

This was particularly pertinent to the client and Resonate empowers its members to manage their affairs autonomously and step into their sovereignty.

The Resonate branding was created to aesthetically compliment the founder’s existing personal brand and the website was built to offer Resonate’s services, complete with a learning management system for their courses and an automated appointment booking system. The website also boasts private and secure features such as being backed up on IPFS for censorship resistance and offering privacy crypto payment options.

We transitioned Resonate’s mail hosting to a provider that provided end-to-end encryption, migrated their computer system from Mac to Linux, changed their online meeting platform from zoom to a free and encrypted alternative and secured their business files on an encrypted cloud storage solution instead of the google suite.

Logo Design.
Web Design.
Brand Mark Design.

The Look & Feel.

Resonate features a vibrant and fun colour palette of turquoise and peach paired with sacred geometry elements that were incorporated to create a memorable and professional look and feel without coming across as too “corporate”.

The combination of a bespoke cursive typeface with Montserrat allows all digital assets to have a beautiful and unique yet easily readable look.

Our design for Resonate’s website focused on ease of use and functionality whilst also creating something fun & joyful reflecting the founder’s personality and philosophy.

Client Feedback.

“I can’t speak highly enough of Cosmic Creative Studio! They have been able to help me with my own brand, my not-for-profit foundation and physical businesses beyond what I thought was possible. Cosmic Creative Studio are geniuses in everything from seeing my vision to helping it to come to life and managing the ongoing tasks needed to support them. I haven’t come across anything Cosmic Creative Studio can’t do! They handle my private & secure business systems, graphic design, branding, photography, social media planning, video creation & copy writing. To put simply working with them keeps things simple. I can’t imagine life without them”.

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